4G’s in Taiwan

Tricia Tang-Van der Borg: I just returned from a marvelous, engaging, fruitful trip to Taiwan (I am trying to maintain some secrecy about my age , but it was many years ago since I was last in Taiwan). I have no recollection of the country so it was as if I visited a new country rather place of birth. The weather was unseasonable cold and wet for January, but I found it refreshingly similar to Holland. A lovely country indeed-warm, friendly people.

One of our customers Formosa was celebrating their 25th anniversary as well as their 5th year organizing a Dutch lily day event. 25 years is a big accomplishment, we know how hard our business is, Andersen likened it to having a child grown up and graduating; I hope he has many more children to come.

The event was thoughtfully organised by Amy and her team. Anderson was the effervescent leader who qallantly lead us thru the two day extravaganza. Some 17 Dutch exporters, 5 Japanese importers/growers, one Beijiner, and myself American Chinese/Japanese .

One can say it was a global event. It is indeed a small world after all. We all need a lily party to go to.

I traveled with my team mates from Taipei to Taichung in a fast and easy train ride. Easy peasy as Americans would say.

First day we were fed wonderfully at the hotel with a delicious breakfast buffet, I particularly liked my fresh squeezed juice of pineapple and apple. We got on a grand bus filled with ‘ilily’ water bottle graciously provided by Amy and her team mate Vita.

Everything was taken account of , including how we would have a discussion with Andersen on Taiwan statistics on the bus no less. No time wasted. We arrived at a designated grower to ‘field check’ LILIES of all varieties and sizes.

I met a ‘best in class lily’ grower Mr.Chen and his team. The goodwill was extended at every turn by everyone. His farm was flanked by mountains that laced snow.

We wrapped up the day with a glorious meal. Yes, wine and beer of course. Next day was the ‘big day’ at Formosa’s test greenhouse. There was an indoor and outdoor greenhouse for us to check.

We had angels (see pictures for reference) lilies, Taikoo drums, hundreds of people , lottery, FYI ‘a grower won a car’ among many things…She was giving it to her daughter.

Oh, lots and lots of photo opportunities. LOTS…

I wish I can find something amiss, I can not. We even had 3 language translators: English, Chinese and Japanese.

The gallant effort, gracious goodwill, generous hospitality, lends only heartfelt gratitude from myself and all that attended.

It is Taiwan’s 4 G event..