Calla bulbs

Van den Bos exports its calla bulbs to over 60 countries world-wide. We provide high quality calla bulbs throughout the year. We have a range of calla corms available for both potted plants and cut flowers, many of which are exclusive or semi-exclusive varieties.

Calla assortment

High quality Calla bulbs

Van den Bos is a household name in the field of preservation, preparation, trade and export of calla corms. Service and quality enjoy top priority, which is clearly reflected in our final products. Our representatives are genuine specialists and they can support you with personal growing advice to ensure that you can always get better quality calla flowers. One of our strengths is access to excusive or semi-exclusive varieties that allow us to offer a distinctive range of callas for cut flowers and potted plants.

We have about 70 varieties of Calla available in our range

Calla cut flowers and potted plants

Our customers produce cut flowers and potted plants from our calla bulbs. We have over 40 varieties of cut callas and 20 varieties of potted callas available in our assortment. Our varieties are available throughout the world and we have cultivars suitable for all types of climates.