Flower bulb production

Van den Bos has several production sites to ensure we have access to the best quality flower bulbs throughout the year. Bulbs are produced in the Northern and Southern hemisphere in optimal climatic conditions. A good example is our close collaboration with the production company Southern Bulbs, which has been based in Chile since 1991. The annual production of our Southern hemisphere bulbs takes place over several locations, which cover an area of ​​approximately 300 hectares in total.

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Quality begins with the selection of our suppliers. From there, the quality of our bulbs is carefully monitored throughout the entire process, from receiving, preparation and storage, right up to delivery. All batches are checked when they are received, during storage and during shipment. This very dedication to quality is exactly what has made us the market leader in flower bulbs.

Test greenhouse

Van den Bos has two hectares of experimental greenhouses where we practically test 24 bulbs out of each of the batches we receive. The same applies to future varieties. New varieties from leading breeders are first tested extensively before they are sold to customers. Once these varieties have been confirmed to meet our stringent requirements, our customers can be sure of the best starting material available.

The test greenhouse enables us to monitor the development, growth, budding, growth cycle and sensitivities of the various batches of flower bulbs. Van den Bos records the data for all batches and the most relevant information is shared with our customers on the Internet. We have a separate location available for breeding freesia varieties where we keep seedlings, young corms, new varieties plus our own selection.

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