Why trading Flowerbulbs with Iran is great!

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Bart Duijvesteijn: Last week I visited my customers in Iran. This country has a lot of good flower growers and they use a lot of lily bulbs. The lily is a popular flower and has already a long history in the Middle East. In the first week of March the Spring already started, normally it is a little later in Iran. You have 350 days of sunlight in Iran and this gives big problems in the water supply. When you visit this country you will be very surprised about the hospitality of the inhabitants. The food is rich of calories and consist out lots of sweet dishes. It is also possible to have a long term relation with the local people of Iran. They are now ready to open the market for Europe and the rest of the World. People from Iran like to travel and make contact with other countries. I will visit the growers several times during the year. The flower productions are settled nearby the big cities like Tehran, Isfahan, Mashad and Yazd. The best places to grow our Lilies, Callas and Freesias are in the mountain areas. There you have a lot of light during the day and during the night the temperature drops to lower levels.

During my visit I saw our calla corms, which will be flowering at the end of March, before Iran new year. All the family’s make a special event around Iran New Year, flowers and pot plants are put on every table to start the new year with the right inspiration. Flowers are really popular in Iran, you can find our lilies, callas and freesias in all the flower shops. I have visit 7 clients during this week and 2 new companies, also to open the market in the future. A really good visit with good results for all our products, also for Van den Bos because the growers like to work with us. During the Dutch Lily Days a group of lily growers from Iran will visit our company for two days. At the end of April we also will participate at the Green Trade Fair in Teheran, I am really looking forward to our show!

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