Van den Bos great winner at the Freesia Keukenhof Show 2019

Yesterday (March 28th) the annual trade evening for all Freesia growers took place in the Keukenhof. During this evening several prices were handed out. More than 90 vases were handed in by both growers and breeders.

Van den Bos is the great winner with prices for the best booth, best single flowered variety, and best double flowered variety. We are extremely proud of this accomplishment!

Prize for the best booth
The judges thought that the assortment we presented in our booth had great quality, was diversified and colorful. In total we showed 30 beautiful vases in our booth, we handed in the most vases by far. Our booth received a general score of 9.36 points, this made us the big winner!

Prize for the best single flowered variety
With a score of 9.50 points, our light pink Freesia ‘Valence’ won the prize for the best single flowered variety.

Prize for the best double flowered variety
The winner of the Goemans Trophy in 2017 ‘Marseille’ won the prize for the best double flowered variety with a score of 9.52 points.

We would also like to congratulate our customer Tesselaar Freesia with their price for the best single flower in the category growers. They received a score of 9.53 points with our variety Monaco.

Until April 2nd you can come to see our booth on the Oranje Nassau pavilion in the Keukenhof!

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