Update Chilean Lily Harvest

In Chile, this year the crop has come along nicely. We started off well and all planting stocks were planted on time. The weather and conditions were good so this could be finished in a timely fashion. We cannot under estimate the importance of planting on time. This way the stock has a full growing season and will result in better harvested numbers. The weather was beautiful all the way through end of December and was followed by some wet and colder weeks.

We currently see excellent growth and development in the 1 and 2 year stocks with good color on the foliage. In a few weeks, we might start mowing the 2 year crop. Our expert Rob Verbraeken will visit Chile in 2 weeks and then the decision will be made. For the 1 year stocks we see typically the most bulb growth in the months from March through middle of May. So it is a bit pre-mature to forecast but we will keep you posted.

We have started sales of Chile crop 2017. Make sure to contact your Van den Bos rep for availability and pricing.

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