Two reasons why you must certain visit Van den Bos during the DLD 2017

1. Chilean wine bar
This year we will have a Chilean wine bar present during the Dutch Lily Days. This is organized by Denkers BV. They are specialized in logistical services, meaning they are taking care of all different kind of transportations. At the bar you will find a wide assortment of beautiful and tasteful Chilean wines. Our Customer Service will also be present nearby the bar, this to answer all your logistical questions.

2. Picture moment
During the whole week of the Dutch Lily Days you can make pictures of our beautiful greenhouse. We thought it would be fun to give you the opportunity to be on the picture yourself, but in a unique way. From Tuesday until Thursday there will be a photographer at the entrance who can take pictures of you in front of really amazing backgrounds. You can choose out of several special backgrounds, one of them is the volcano Osorno from Chile. The picture will be printed directly, but can also be spotted on our Facebook page. In addition there will also be three big walls decorated with lilies which will ensure you of really special and beautiful picture moments.

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