Roselily shiny center on St. Peter's Square in Rome

This year the Roselily will be the shiny center during the Easter Mass on the St. Peter’s Square in Rome. On Sunday April 16th at 12 o’clock the Pope will pronounce the yearly Easter blessing Urbi et Orbi (for City and World). From the balcony the Pope will wish the world a blessed Easter and he will thank the Netherlands for the flowers which will be used during the Easter Mass.

The head florist of the Vatican decorations Paul Deckers visited two Roselily growers two weeks ago. Van Schie grows pot Roselily’s and Moerman Lilium grows cut Roselily’s, both will supply flowers and plants for the Easter Mass. Van den Bos Flowerbulbs is proud supplier of the bulbs where the Roselily’s are grown from. We are really honored that Paul will be working with Roselily’s!

During his visit to van Schie, Paul mentioned he decided to work more with flowers and that he wants to put flowers in the spotlight. Additionally, he wanted to commence working with new varieties of flowers; hence he chose the Roselily which he was introduced to in 2015. After seeing the flower personally he was really enthusiastic , because Roselily’s do not produce any pollen! Another unique characteristic of this lily is as the flower opens, they actually resemble a rose. The Roselily will be shown on the Pope’s balcony in combination with the rose variety Avalanche. The beautiful lilies will also be presented in the arrangements around the Vatican square.

Both visits of Paul are captured on film, you can review them by clicking here. In this you will see a glance of the nurseries and Paul will tell more about the complete process around the decoration of the St. Peter’s Square.

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