Quality inspection propagation New Zealand

Early January the freesia varieties were in full bloom on our propagation location in New Zealand. Every year our freesia specialists have a lot of fun walking thru the crops because of the lovely smell and the gorgeous feast for the eyes.

During the inspection all the crops are reviewed completely and judged positively. The position of the crop, the color and the corm size are looking promosing for the coming season. Besides the visual inspection we have done, all the varieties will be tested in the laboratory the coming months to confirm this.

Every year new motherstocks are planted in New Zealand for the ideal refreshment of the stocks. Besides that new varieties are planted as well like Marseille, Essence, Annecy & Ventura.

The corms will be harvested in April and shipped per container to the Netherlands. We will deliver the corms to our customers as of August 2019.

With confidence we are looking forward to the new season!

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