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Felicia van der Weiden: Today it is already 4 weeks ago that we had the official opening of the Dutch Lily Days at Van den Bos. Hans Kleijwegt our CEO opened the Dutch Lily Days at 12 o’clock with an inspiring speech. A speech that I would like to share with those who missed the opening or want to read it once more.

Artemis, the goddess of the hunt from the Greek mythology was strolling the woods of Arcedia searching for prey with her arrow and bow always in position, with Lily flowers in her hair, which she learned from her mother Hera, of who was said that lily flowers were growing from the milk she spilled from her breast when feeding Heracles. Artemis had an enormous passion to hunt. one of the beautiful stories from the Greek mythology. A passion to hunt, where we have at Van den Bos.

Where passion comes to bloom. This is our mission. That is what it is. This is Van den Bos, a private company with a family heart and the heart is fully present here. My name is Hans Kleijwegt, CEO of this great company. You are surrounded by beauty, created by the people of Van den Bos. That is not an easy task. Months of preparation went into what you see around you. This is a family entirely dedicated to the aesthetics of the flower and the flower bulbs to make them. The flowers of the lily, freesia and Zantedeschia.

But this week the lily is in the spotlights during the Dutch Lily Days, a yearly exposition by 13 participants who open their greenhouses to show and to honour the lily, our grand lady who makes people happy already for ages. She has been present at weddings, funerals, anniversaries back to 4000 years ago in China. She has stimulated Poets to reveal the charm of life. She was mentioned in the Koran, bible, mythology of the Greeks and in so many other religions and spiritual books. And she still inspires us, even today with her seductive shapes, forms and colours. The grand lady is old and young and trendy at the same time. She encourages us all as we can see today with so many clients and other lily lovers from all over the world. From Colombia to China, from Australia to USA, from Canada to Taiwan, from Holland to Vietnam. In her name it is an honour for me to officially open the Dutch Lily Days at Van den Bos. Let us make it a fiesta, party of celebration. Please feel welcome!! Thank you all for being here!

Let us continue right away in a spiritual setting. It is an old tradition that new lily babies are baptised as an official start of her journey throughout the world. In a moment we will engage in this ritual and the official handling is in the hands of a man who knows about spiritual events. He is the organizer of the flower pride during the yearly Urbi et Orbi, the message of hope and peace from the Pope to the world. Please welcome with a great applause mister …… Paul Deckers!

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