Opening World Horti Center

Tricia Tang-Van der Borg: March 7 is the grand opening event of the World Horticenter, and it is indeed an event.

Invited visitors include the well-loved Queen Maxima who is more beautiful and graceful in person than any photograph I have seen. Well, indeed my first personal close glance at any Queen.

The center is a bustling mix of agricultural related enterprises, local and international students, researchers, growers, commercial agents, technical advisors, local and civil government officials, international visitors, just to name a few.
Press is certainly abundant, cameras, and attendees from very young to very old.
There were performances by a group of lovely young dancers, a great young 15 year old singer and a live band.

What a magnificent mix!!!

I am pensive about the name of the center, and realize how befitting the reference of WORLD.
It is an indeed global, another word for WORLD, center.
It is DUTCH made, and its location very DUTCH and in the heart of Westland, but it reaches and connects the world thru its mission and what a terrific start.
It reminds me once again how truly small the world is.

I am also proud that our company Van den Bos is part of this new beginning. I trust this initiative will stay constant and even more vibrant in the days to come.

World Horti Center’s mission is filled with many feel good intentions: innovation, solutions, global, connections and I would say on this day of the opening, it is indeed “feel good day”.

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