'Marseille' Winner Goemans Trophy

On March 30th the trade evening for the freesia was organized in the ‘Orange Nassau Pavilion’ at Keukenhof. The entire pavilion was filled with freesias. In total 93 vases and 12.000 stems were handed in by several breeders and growers. With the complete freesia division we made a beautiful show which the consumer can enjoy the whole week. Traditional on this trade evening several prices are divided, Van den Bos won a lot of prices this year!

‘Marseille’ Winner Goemans Trophy 2018
The double yellow variety of Van den Bos Freesia won the 40th edition of the Goemans Trophy. Marseille was called ‘promosing for the future’ by the jury. The production, weight, length and the smell is better than the varieties in the current market. Royal van Zanten is breeding this variety and we really want to thank them. We as Van den Bos are really proud we can introduce this variety to the market the coming years.

‘Intense’ best single freesia vase in the category breeder
After winning the ‘Keukenhof Consumer Award’ three times in a row, the trade jury also gave the variety ‘Intense’ a price this year. Intense has a beautiful intense pink color and a long lateral. The vase was nicely uniform and had high quality.

‘Booth price’ Van den Bos Freesia
The jury also looked at the most beautiful range of freesias in combination with the completeness of colors in the single and double varieties. Van den Bos has send around 26 vases with an average grade of 9,40. We are really proud to be selling this lovely assortment worldwide.

‘Essence’ best double freesia vase in the category growers
We want to congratulate Oomen Freesia with the price. The beautiful vase with the variety Essence was presented stunning at the show, a true winner. This year the double white Essence will be introduced at Flora Holland with a special green sleeve. On the show several exporters chose ‘Essence’ as their personal favorite.

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