Leo Weterings - customers since 1963

Last week our freesia customer Mts. Weterings & Nieuwkerk sold his greenhouse and stopped with growing freesia’s so he can enjoy his retirement.

Leo Weterings has been a customer of Van den Bos since 1963, he started with growing Irises and Gladiolus. In the seventies he started with growing Freesias and Bouvardias, both delivered by Van den Bos. For over 45 years we have cleaned and treated his corms and cormlets year-round.

55 years customer, how special! We could not let this go by quietly, so we surprised Leo with a nice bouquet of flowers and a Golden ‘Van den Bos’ pin.

We would like to thank Leo and his wife for their trust in Van den Bos the past 55 years and wish him all the best during his retirement!

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