Go big or go home

Van den Bos Flowerbulbs was present at two big lily events in China. The first event was the Sino Dutch Lily Days China in Liaoning and the second event was the 2nd Beijing Lily Culture Festival Opening Ceremony.

Sino Dutch Lily Days 2016
VDB invited a well-known designer Brad Austin from the United States, he created beautiful designs with our lilies, freesias and callas. Additionally, our products were shown at our own booth; we were the only Dutch company with a booth.

There was an organized grower competition, several growers planted our bulb variety Amarossi. The Amarosssi flowers were showcased and judged during the Sino Dutch Lily Days. Our Managing Director Tricia Tang-Van der Borg participated as one of the judges for the best grower.

Local visitors were able to visit complimentary China Lily Testing Center of Sinoflor. Van den Bos had more than 30 trial varieties at the test greenhouse.

The 2nd Beijing Lily Culture Festival Opening Ceremony
During the opening ceremony, worldwide flower artists designed beautiful designs with lilies, all floral creations were accompanied by floral models and delightful commentary. There were many government officials, singers, fireworks and on our Facebook page you can watch a movie of the show and get inspired. For product information you can contact your sales representative or info@vandenbos.com.

Both events were organized wonderfully and a great opportunity for lily promotion in China. We see great opportunities for our lilies, callas and freesias in China, in fact Van den Bos is the only exporter that has a Chinese team on the ground.

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