Floricultura Pacific and Flamingo Holland Inc announce a close cooperation for North America

Vista, California based Flamingo Holland together with Floricultura Pacific have announced they will work together to develop the orchid market in North America to a higher level.

The cooperation came together with a focus of providing customers high quality Phalaenopsis plants and reliable delivery. Pre cooled spiked, ready to cool and liners of Phalaenopsis for the North American market will be produced in Salinas, CA. Phalaenopsis flasks will also be available from Floricultura B.V. out of Holland.

Floricultura is a leading breeder and tissue culture company in the world of orchids. They are best known for their unique colors, consistent spike counts and long lasting beauty of orchids.

Floricultura managing director Kees Schoone says, ‘We pride ourselves on servicing our customers in the best possible way. By working closely with Flamingo Holland, it will provide us the ability to continue to service growers quickly and efficiently. This is an added value to our North American customers. Existing customers will continue to be serviced directly by Floricultura.
As well, Floricultura will continue to search for innovative orchids to bring to the market while also providing a reliable supply chain.’

Flamingo Holland General Manager Robin van der Schaaf adds, ‘With our strong sales and customer care team, we will be able to service customers with the high level they have come to expect from Flamingo Holland and Floricultura Pacific.’

Floricultura’s headquarter is based in Heemskerk, The Netherlands. Since the start of the company in 1933, Floricultura has been known as a company that produces orchids of consistent quality.
The unique combination of several disciplines – breeding, tissue culture and growing - in a single company sets Floricultura apart. It is a company that knows not only about its product but also about its market. This provides the ability for their breeders to not only develop new orchids but also test their product internally in several markets like Europe, South America and North America.

Flamingo Holland is a leading company in the distribution of flower bulbs and perennials to the professional flower growers. It is an affiliate of Van den Bos Flowerbulbs B.V. of Holland. This North American company has offices in both Canada and the U.S. and serves as a breeder and broker to the cut flower and pot markets.

For more information about the Floricultura program, please contact the Flamingo Holland office at 760.734.1033 or info@flamingoholland.com. Floricultura can be contacted at orchids@floricultura.com or website at www.floricultura.com.

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