EuroPride 2016

During 23rd of July till the 7th of August, Amsterdam was the heart of EuroPride 2016. The theme of the EuroPride 2016 was; Join our Freedom. Visitors from all over Europe joined this festival to celebrate freedom, but also to fight for equal rights within EU.

On Saturday the 6th of August, the world famous Canal Parade was organized. During this parade more than 80 decorated boats sailed through the canals of Amsterdam. Van den Bos was one of the proud sponsors of one of these boats, the YourLily boat. The boat was decorated with beautiful lilies and had amazing dancers on it, it was a real spectacle.

We also had a special VIP area in front of the house of Hans Kleijwegt, the CEO of Van den Bos. This gave our guests the perfect opportunity to get an amazing view of the parade. All the VIP’s wore T-shirts with the text Lily loves Liberty on it, the slogan of the Yourlily boat. It was really amazing to be part of such an inspiring event!

For more pictures and movies of a glorious day please click here.

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