Dutch Lily Days 2017 were a great success!

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It was the annual Dutch Lily Days at Van den Bos Flowerbulbs. This year was extra special as VDB had the honor to host the official opening ceremony. Our CEO ‘Hans Kleijwegt’ opened the Dutch Lily Days with an inspiring speech about the beautiful history of the lily. Paul Deckers , floral designer had the honor to baptize the newest white Roselily variety-Roselily Aretha. In keeping with the theme of the baptism of the Roselily, we had a wonderful choir who sang with joy and opened with a beautiful song of Aretha Franklin.

In addition, iBulb, YourLily and Floral Fundamentals organized a fun, engaging florist competition in the afternoon. Florist designers Lily Beelen, Geertje Stienstra and Sara-Lisa Ludvigsson designed beautiful bridal bouquets with VDB lilies, freesias and callas. Ibulb also brought 12 international journalists to participate on our opening. What a creative exhibition.

Click here for pictures of the beautiful and inspiring creations which were designed.

Denkers was present at VDB all week and sponsored a delicious wine bar, which gave all guests an opportunity to taste a wide variety of wines including Chilean and Dutch. The team at Denkers also partnered with VDB and arranged a photo booth- what a huge hit! Our guests got their pictures taken with hilarious Dutch costumes and amazing backgrounds and took an instant photo home with them.

All the pictures can be downloaded from our Facebook page, click here to view them directly.

Finally, Bloems decorated our entrance with 3 gorgeous “Bloems flower wall” using over 1000 lilies. What a photo opportunity.

We are delighted that you joined us between June 6 and 9 and we trust you enjoyed all the festivities and hospitality.

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