Dutch crop looks promising!

Charrel Smit: Last month I checked the fields of several VDB suppliers. My purpose is to check the quality of the crops we have bought for crop 2017. This helps me to have a good impression of what to expect during the winter when the bulbs arrive at Van den Bos.

After the bulbs were planted there was a short cold period with a lot of sun, later the temperatures went up. Because of this the crops look a little bit shorter than other years, but the color is noticeable good. The debudding of the lily before flowering is a little bit later this year, this process is to ensure the energy is drawn to the bulb and affects the quality of the lily bulb. The bulbs are developing well under the ground, so it appears that there will be enough big sizes available. Of course we still have a long way ahead of us, but for now the Dutch crop is looking good!

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