Come see Freesias and Callas at the Keukenhof

From March 28th thru April 2rd you can come see our beautiful freesia varieties at Keukenhof, in the “Oranje Nassau” Pavilion. The entire pavilion will be in the spirit of the “Freesia”. With the complete freesia division we will make a beautiful show which the consumer can enjoy the whole week.

Every year there is hosted a contest for breeders and growers, last year 91 vases and 12.000 stems were handed in. The winners of this contest are announced during a special trade evening. This year the trade evening will be hosted on March 28th were several prizes are given to both breeders and growers. In 2018 Van den Bos won the price for best single vase in the category ‘best breeder’ with our gorgeous white freesia ‘Albertville’. We are looking forward to the comments of the judges during this year’s trade evening!

We are excited to announce that for the first time this year Van den Bos will also join the Calla show in Keukenhof. From April 24th thru April 29th several breeders and growers will hand over their most beautiful Callas to fill the “Oranje Nassau” Pavilion. Calla is a girl’s name of Greek origin meaning “beautiful”. We think this name is perfect for this pretty flower. Both pot and cut callas will be displayed at the Keukenhof, so make sure you don’t miss it while visiting the Keukenhof.

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