Chili season crop 2019

We are right now in the middle of our Chile harvest 2019. We have had a long growing cycle this year, comparable to the Dutch summer last year and we expect the bulbs to carry much power.

We fine-tuned our harvesting schedule. This year we started harvesting earlier our 2 year grown bulbs, which have been mowed already at the end of the Chilean Summer. Our expectation is to finish packing the 1st week of August.

In the post-harvest department we got support from a Dutch process manager. Last year we still worked with 2 post-harvest locations, this year all warehouse activities, such as grading and packing will be concentrated in our warehouse in Puyehue. This gives the benefit that we can implement a Dutch standard packing system with just one machine and a more central control of protocols.

Cheers to a successful harvesting season ahead of us and magnificent bulb quality – we are ready for it.

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