Chile season harvest 2018

In the South of Chile we have started the harvest of Orientals and O.T.’s. So far the harvest goes well, we have less rain than last year and hope it stays like this during the next couple weeks. The growth of the 2 year planted bulbs looks very promising, while the 1 year planted bulbs stay more in the smaller sizes.

We are dedicated to meet the market demands of our clients worldwide, that means adding new varieties and stopping with others. In 2018 we are proud to present 3 new OT varieties in our assortment Dalian, Maldano and Virunga.

Southern Bulbs packing always has been of the highest quality and this year we even go a step further; we have transferred the packing back to the South, where our highly trained employees processes and pack the bulbs, minimalizing the time between processing and packing.

Jorge Buschmann managing director of Southern Bulbs, since 2002, has expressed a long cherished desire to expand his ownership in the company. Van den Bos is positive about this development and embraces Jorge’s entrepreneurial spirit and we are looking forward to explore the possibilities together. However our only focus now is the harvest with one goal in mind, to get the best Southern Hemisphere bulbs out of the ground and ready to ship for our clients worldwide.

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