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From December we started to receive Calla tubers of crop 2017 at Van den Bos continuously. We can say with all honesty that we are really satisfied about how the suppliers delivered the tubers to us. Of course there is always room for improvements, such as making sure that all the delivered tubers have a certificate number.

After arrival each lot will be checked by our quality controller ‘Leen van Os’. He is really passionate about callas and already works for the company more than 20 years. Leen checks the lots on several parts such as: chalking, size etc. He makes a quality report in our system for each lot.

In the beginning of the season it is always a challenge if the lots are in on time for the first deliveries. Thanks to a good cooperation inside the supply chain (breeder - grower - VDB), we were able to send the first VDB tubers on time to our customers worldwide again this year.

We have recognized that some destinations ask for extra attention concerning packing and shipment, so our VDB team anticipates on this. For cold destinations we provide the pallets with bubble wrap to protect the tubers against the cold.

We are really proud that our products arrived at our customers in a good state and hope to see the good results in the cultivation.

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