Calla harvest season

The Calla harvest season is fully in progress and the Dutch weather is still good ‘enough’ to continue with harvest and work outside.

The quality is still looking very promising with positive feedback that our quality is extremely good this year. The amount of tubers per hectare is higher than last year. The sizes are a little smaller than last year, but still very good. The tubers have grown 12 sizes instead of 14 sizes like last year. The harvest of the tubers is nearly finished, besides the tubers that will be used as planting material for next year.

Two ways have been used to harvest the tubers :
1) The tubers were harvested with a machine that puts a lot of soil directly into the cubic box. The same day the tubers are transported to the backhouse and they are cleaned from sand from the field. The tubers return cleaner in the cubic box , after that they are being dried.

2) The tubers were harvested with a machine that adds a lot of soil to the tubers and places them back on the field immediately. Once the tubers are back on the soil, people grab the tubers by hand and shake off the sand. Then they are carefully thrown into a cubic box.

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